NoCo Runnin’ Herd Basketball Club



Noco Runnin Herd Mission Statement: The Noco Runnin Herd community are committed to helping raise young adults who will be strongly prepared to achieve their dreams and become productive members and leaders in society.


Noco Runnin Herd Purpose: The purpose of The Noco Runnin Herd is to establish a community of coaches, parents and mentors who will collectively and pro-actively engage in the process of raising a group of young men and women to become responsible, accountable and productive members of society. Character, Fundamentals and Teamwork will always be the core values and driving forces behind everything we do. Through the means of life skills learned on the basketball court and through opportunities available in the local community, The Noco Runnin Herd organization will remain united for the common purpose of ensuring that our children will become even more successful off the court as they ever were on it. We are committing ourselves to develop strong and effective leaders on their teams, in the classroom, in are communities and beyond.