Spring/Summer 2018 Roster

**Please contact your coach directly to notify him if you accept your roster spot.**

8th Grade

Coach Caleb Kirkland: [email protected]

Michael Riley
Chase Wiggins
Isiah Childs
Adam Whitcomb
Max Jones
Alex Guzman
Elliot Theobald
Jahi Lucas

7th Grade

Coach Micah Nielsen:  [email protected]

Andrew Koerner
Logan Carey
Luke Wagstaff
Zac Smith
Sam Barnhart
Pryce Wyatt
Holden Walter
Nicky Maguire
EZ Campos
Chase Demmler
Domenic Leone
Bryce Olson

5th & 6th Grade

**We anticipate on making these teams. We will go out and recruit players, if you have anyone you know who may want to join our 5th grade or our 6th grade team please let us know. By phone call or email, (303)246-5316 or [email protected]